Frequently Asked Questions

1Is the ink safe for kids?
The ink used is extracted from plants so it is safe to use.
2Can I use Eli Pen on normal paper?
Yes, the Eli pen can be used to write on any paper. But remember that the ink will disappear within approximate 5-30 minutes.
After using the pen, please remember to place the lid back on and keep the pen out of the sun. Direct contact with sun light will shorten the lifespan of the ink.
4how long will the spare refills last?
The spare refills will last for approximately one year if stored in a cold and dry area.
5how long will it take to ship within australia?
For standard delivery within Australia, it normally takes around 3-5 working days.
6how much does it cost to ship in Australia?
FREE shipping in Australia!
7Can you ship to other countries?
Yes, we charge AU$19 per order for countries outside Australia.

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