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    Eli Book Set (Best Value)

    (6 customer reviews)

    $24.95 $21.95

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    Package includes:

    1 Grooved Design Eli Book (Regular Font)

    1 Eli Pen

    1 Pen Grip

    5 Ink refills

    1 FREE sheet of Clever Eli name tags (subject to availability)

    Please use the book with Clever Eli Pen ONLY!

    For large orders, please contact us directly [email protected]


    There are 4 stages in our Clever Eli handwriting book that will assist children to boost their confidence when writing:

    1. We begin with easy tracing lines to help children develop some basic writing skills.
    1. We then introduce tracing simple shapes and complicated but interesting patterns.
    1. The children should now be eager to start tracing the alphabet and numbers. For the letters, each letter is given in both upper and lower case. In the sample box, the letter is shown in a traced format. During this stage, the children will learn how to write upper and lower case within the top and bottom blue and middle red dashed lines.
    1. Finally, the children should now be ready to trace some simple words.
    Reviews (6)

    6 reviews for Eli Book Set (Best Value)

    1. Emma

      Love the book. thank you.

    2. Sarah CJ

      Great value, highly recommend.

    3. Jacinta

      We love the Clever Eli book. Such a great idea. My little girl loves learning, this has helped her practice and she gets excited watching the ink slowly disappear

    4. renee

      Great book for my 4 years old son. lots activity to help him improve his writing. Well done

    5. E**** Nelson

      Such quick delivery and so happy with product. My 4 year old isn’t into drawing/ practicing his writing much but I thought he seemed at ease with not worrying if it wasn’t perfect as it fades and he can try again. Plus great little addition with the grip too, it’s comfy I tried it out myself hehe…. worth the buy, thank you!

    6. Liz

      The service is beyond amazing. Highly recommended to everyone who has little kids at home. Great product!!!

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